PiGuard 2000 temperature monitoring


Records your temperature

Fulfills official demands for temperature monitoring of food during production, processing, transport and storage
High reliability of data collection

Minnsta óregla kemur fram á grafi

You get an overview of your temperature with a glimpse

Graphing your data gives you an instant overview of your situation.

Hitalisti merkir á skýran hátt öll frávik frá skilgreindum mörkum

A list indicates where your data is out of your predefined limits

Lists give detailed information about temperatures for different time periods.


Keeps an eye on your valuable goods

Alarm is issued if temperature is out of bounds
Preventing a single fault can pay off the entire system


Know your systems performance

By frequent measurements a clear picture is made of the performance of a cooler or freezer
Change in temperature rhythms can indicate coming failure


Save time and money

Are you writing down your temperatures by hand today?
PiGuard 2000 takes all the work and worries from you and you can concentrate on your business. You don’t have to think about temperature any more and the system will only disturb you in case of fault


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