About Pi


Pi Specializes in temperature measurement for consumables. Examples are food/drug production, processing, transport and storage; rooms, containers, freezers and coolers

For Pi, the data security is of utmost importance. By traceable calibration, memory backup and double security the reliability of correct data delivery is obtained.

The PiGuard 2000 temperature monitoring system will record your locations temperature according to official demands. In addition the system keep an eye on your valuable goods and send alarm in case the temperature is out of defined limits. By frequent measurements the condition of your coolers and freezers can be evaluated and failures can even be predicted


Utmost data security

Memory backup
Data will not be lost even during mains black-out

Accurate data
Traceable calibration means accurate measurement

Fast and easy

No wires means fast and easy installation. Installation easy to re-arrange.

Runs on PC
Automatic reports with tables or graphs are made in only few seconds